A designer's action has an effect on the world.

Both ethics and aesthetics become literal through our actions.
The world is full of products, but very few of them are ethically or aesthetically designed.
“Fashions” are viral, and can have devastating effects both ecologically as well as socially .
But we can all contribute positively by creating and then consuming products that are positive in succouring the world as well as the people involved in the production process.

And consumer action has an effect on the world.

That is the other side of the same reality: Through the act of buying we expand the energy behind the product. If we choose to buy cheap, we create cheapness. If we decide to buy healthy food, we contribute to our health. If we buy products with a soul, we expand honesty.
We all live in an interconnected world, and everything we do is part of a chain that comprises all in our lives. We are responsible for the paradigm we live in.


The present is the first step towards the future. Wear garments today like you would wear them tomorrow. 

Everything we do resides in our own emotional space: how we feel now in relation to our past experiences - happy, sad, enthusiastic, frightened, satisfied, deceive, or how we feel in relation to the future we want to create - optimistic, hopeful, scared, compromising, enlightened.

Baruc believes his project is an exemplary case for the best future design: garments that don’t change, that can be worn by all kind of persons. How they are made - by expertise artisan, caring hands that meet social working requirements and environments, with the best quality, sustainable and organic materials. How they are sold - no overpricing, no low pricing, a fair price is never is on sale, why it is designed - to find the garment’s essence in search for its soul. 

The best future is a world with fewer products that are better designed. Hence, designs that help with the evolution of the universe, of the world, and of humans as a whole. Products with a soul, that bring emotion to our lives. 


There is no ethics without aesthetics
There is no aesthetics without ethics

The latter quote was written on the blackboard by Spanish poet and philosopher José María Valverde as a farewell to his Aesthetic Chair in the University of Barcelona in 1964, when he was exiled to the USA. And he was veracious: ethics has to prevail over anything.

But the reversed phrase, is also very true.
Ethics and aesthetics are two sides of the same coin.
Shapes, colours, harmony, can speak like letters, phrases, texts.

And furthermore, the way a design is conceived, made, and purchased, defines its soul.


Humanity is in constant evolution, and it is up to each of us to create the paradigm that satisfies ourselves.
Feel as your best future you, thus become your best self. 

Now is the time, the world is the place.